Don’t take our word for it.

We bring our boutique-style approach when it comes to your project - personalized and customized. We are satisfied when and only when you are satisfied.


Alex and Allyson Grey: World-Renowned Artists

"The superlative artists of Edge Visual are driven by the highest possibilities of their craft to envision and evolve a brighter future".


Gil Smith - Owner, Montalban Theater

"Edge Visual artists are talented wonderful people. We are looking forward to our next project together. In 2014, we engaged Edge Visual to work with us to develop a live stage show. Within eight short weeks, Edge Visual developed background scenery, animation and interactive software. They turned those eight pages into a robust visual and entertaining 90 minutes that weaved its visual fabric with the live performances on stage". 


Ameenah Kaplan

"I had the pleasure of working with the Edge Visual team last year in LA. Edge Visual are focused on the successful completion of the work and let little stand in their way towards reaching that goal. They are diplomatic, professional, and above all else, talented".

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