Monarch VR

Environmental meditation app ‘MonarchVR’ available now for Android/Google Cardboard HERE.


Proceeds from virtual reality app benefit pollinator non-profit

MonarchVR is a mobile environmental and meditation application which gives the unique experience of being surrounded by beautiful monarch butterflies, an experience only available in reality in very few places in the world.  Simply buying this app on Google Play on your android device, users can relax and unwind in a stunning immersive stereo virtual reality world, all the while knowing that they have made a contribution towards a non-profit organization. The Pollinator Partnership (P2) is a San Francisco based organization devoted to protecting these essential creatures and their ecosystems. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies are essential to life, our food supply and ecosystem functionality.

Monarch VR

Edge Visual’s goal in creating this application is to support a grassroots movement to raise environmental awareness and to explore the idea that art is one of the most powerful ways to affect change in the world.  By creating an emotionally engaging and deeply calming experience on the very cutting-edge of technology, Edge Visual’s hope is that people will be enticed to learn even more about pollinators and share this application with their friends, children, schools, hospitals and more. In addition to the educational aspect of MonarchVR, it is a deeply calming experience that immediately relaxes and makes everyone smile.


Monarch butterflies are disappearing

Monarch butterfly colonies now cover less than a single hectare of forest, the smallest swath of land since data collection began in 1993, as stated The World Wildlife Fund.  This means that there are around 33 million butterflies remaining in 2014, down from a billion butterflies recorded in 1996-1997. Factors contributing to this exponential decline include loss of reproductive habitat from herbicide use and extreme climate conditions..

Monarchs are incredible

Found throughout the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada, one of the most spectacular feats of these pollinators is the astonishing 3000 mile journey most will make in the fall to their wintering grounds in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mexico or to southern California, depending from which part of the United States or Canada they migrate.  Visit for additional information.

One of the most moving and deeply connecting feelings is to visit the special pockets where they rest on their incredible journey, such as Pismo Beach, CA, and to watch 30,000 of them flying around together on a warm day.


If you’d like more information about monarch and pollinator protection, please contact Pollinator Partnership at or (415)362-1137.

If you’d like more information about Edge Visual and its virtual reality or post-production services, please contact Edward Dawson-Taylor at or (310)562-4266.