Edge Visual Booth at VRLA

Edge Visual Booth at VRLA

At Virtual Reality Los Angeles, the largest VR/AR conference in the world, the Hololens piece "A Day at the Museum" premiered at the Edge Visual Studios (a content creation company for AR, VR, apps, and live projection) booth. Many observers got a chance to try on the Microsoft Hololens for the very first time.  Two of these cutting-edge devices, completely untethered, ran side by side the entire day with a long line of interested businesses and artists.

This museum development tool showed how a platform might be utilized to take information, such as in the case of art pieces in the real world, and allow this information to literally come to life with the use of Holograms.  The user could make an image of 2D cans and turn them 3D, for example.  The viewer could then walk around the cans and see them in a truly immersive three dimensional space.  

Another example was a famous statue, when button-pressed, that began playing basketball in a post-modern interpretation that brought humor and a sense of fun into the gallery space.

Voice activation was also available, allowing the user to select on various buttons by saying "activate" and "pointing" through the headset.  The viewer was able to utilize voice with Microsoft Cortana to record video through the device while working with it.  

Here is an example video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMdFFpDZyu0

Although there were limitations with the currently available hand gestures and field of view, these shortcomings were surpassed by the user's ability to imagine possibilities of holograms and how they could be utilized in real world situations.  

This same platform might be easily used to adapt to other online "gallery" situations, where an artist might wish to premiere his work in a virtual space online.  This could be useful to musicians and other traditional artists wishing their work to stand out online with new immersive technology.

Another possible use case would be to overlay augmented reality on top of a real location to see what a building might have looked like years earlier, or to visualize what a building might look like in the current location.

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