Turn Any Room into an Art Gallery with the HoloLens

On June 25-6, 2016 Edge Visual competed in Microsoft's Holohacks Los Angeles at the Creative Technology Center downtown.  The idea was for developers to come together and use the Hololens development kit and begin to create projects that showed the potential of the augmented reality headset, the Hololens.  

The event was 48 hours long, from Friday evening through till Sunday afternoon.  Our group was a team of six people, and we are proud to announce our team won the visual design prize with a mixed reality museum experience!

See the video HERE! (or click) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMdFFpDZyu0

Our team included Leone Ermer, Edward Dawson-Taylor, Chris Horton, Ed Hougardy, Ralph Barbagallo, and Steven Winston.  

Once the team got together we brainstormed and decided to come up with the museum tour concept.  Then we got to work.  We worked so well as a team that we are still talking post-event about making our project a real product.  

You can see the concept app (tentatively titled A Day at the Museum) in action in this VIDEO. You simply place art on the walls where you want it, and then anyone in tour mode can look at the exhibit. It's a very simple concept but has several positive applications.

Aside from creating virtual art tours that people can take just about anywhere, if you actually ran a museum and wanted to design an exhibit, you could do it in the HoloLens before staging it in physical space. Integrate the features of Holo Voice Memo and you have an excellent tool for viewing and learning about art.

Holohacks isn't just a promotional event.  It builds community around the platform and creates an ecosystem of developers interested in making creating supporting programs that other companies can't compete with.  

It's been a great experience and Edge Visual is looking forward to continuing its development of the Hololens in the near future, possibly as soon as Virtual Reality Los Angeles, where we will be exhibiting this piece along with MonarchVR on the Gear and hopefully the Vive.