CGI crafted by our own Edd Dawson-Taylor, takes the win for dailies at SIGGRAPH 2013!! The CGI integrates with beautifully shot footage combining to make the stunning music video "35 Summers," for the amazing UK artists Plaid of Warp Records, Edd completed the project while he was at Golden Square Post UK.  the octopus infused video can be seen in part in our reels, or if you want to check out the whole thing on vimeo:

The story behind the film combines the dreams of the Director Richie Burridge, with Edds own desire to make a wriggly underwater adventure. The pair met at Golden Square where the adready in progress tentacles won the opportunity to work on the project. 3 months later and the work was done. Edd then found out it was to be for Plaid whos music he has loved for over 15 years. He then had the privilege of seeing the work played out in front of a huge crowd at londons Koko venue as opener for their new tour. A great piece of work and a great story.
Edds presentation took a landslide majority vote cruising past competition from films by Pixar and Dreamworks. We are extremely proud of Edd for this honorable achievement, and look forward to many more great things from him.