Our story evolves continuously because we are relentless in bringing artistry, creativity and future technology together to make this world a better place. We do it in our unique way. We create digital experiences that entertain, engage and inspire people. 


Edward Dawson-Taylor - founder - cgi - cco

Edward is co-founder of Edge Visual Studios. He has been a Lead Software Architect for large multinational clients, and Senior CG artist in movies, TV, commercials and live events, having worked for ILM, Disney and Digital Domain on Blockbusters like Jurassic World, The Lion King and Jungle Book. Co-founder of successful world touring group The Sancho Plan, Edward loves to use cutting edge technology to create engaging and inspiring experiences, as well as beautiful world class imagery.


Jacqueline Cooper - founder - head of 2d

Jacqueline is co-founder of Edge Visual Studios. She has been creating high-end imagery for movies, TV, commercials, music videos and live events for decades since film school. Jacqueline has worked for the world’s top studios such as ILM, Digital Domain, and MPC on many blockbusters including three of the top 10 grossing films of all time. Movies include:  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows II, Tron and Jurassic World just to name a few.


Mark Laisure - ceo

Mark’s passion thrives within his pioneering expertise for technology commercialization, conscious media and transformational events.  Mark was an entrepreneur before the age of 19. Early in his career, he spent 10 years around Wall Street with firms such as UBS Paine Webber, Shields & Company and Dillon, Read & Company and served as a guiding force behind several start-ups, IPO’s, takeovers, and turn-arounds. Most notably; Inktomi Corporation (acquired by Yahoo!), Milcom (now Arsenal Venture Partners), Teranex (video processing), Mesh Networks (acquired by Motorola), Zeros and Ones (Digital Convergence), ONEHOPE Wine (cause centric commerce).

Mark has received numerous awards and accolades for his work as a venture strategist, inventor and entrepreneur including an Emmy Award, R&D 100 Award (the “Oscars of Invention”) and a BusinessWeek Product of the Year Award.


Josh Hayes - Director - Story

Josh Hayes is an illustrator and art director with more than twenty years experience in the worlds of entertainment, media, advertising, and marketing. He is the founder of Stormship, an award winning Boston based print and multi-media design studio. As an art director and creative consultant he has worked with: Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia/TriStar, IBM, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab and many others. 

Josh shares a close working relationship with many of the top directors in the industry having worked with the likes of: Gore Verbinski, Barry Levinson, Sydney Pollack, Rob Reiner, Kinka Usher, Michael Bay, Kevin Smith, Joe Pytka, Kathryn Bigelow, Simon West, Lasse Hallstrom, Scott Hicks, Christine Jeffs, Francios Girard, Janusz Kaminski, Peter Chelsom, Tommy Schlamme, and Paris Barclay. Over the past fifteen years he’s storyboarded more than 3,000 commercials including dozens for Super Bowl spots for clients such as: Apple, McDonald’s, Intel, Budweiser, Audi, Coca Cola, Nike, Lexus, MasterCard, Heineken, Jack In The Box, Pepsi Max, GE and American Express. Josh is also active in network television, having boarded various episodes of the series: Heroes, Chuck, Ghost Whisperer, ER, Close To Home, Clubhouse, The Bernie Mac Show, The West Wing, The X-Files, Vengeance Unlimited, Saving Grace, as well as two full seasons of Lois and Clark, The New Adventure of Superman. He has also worked on J.J Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer pilots. His feature film credits include: Elavator Men, Rango, Feast, Alex and Emma, Slow Burn, Cats & Dogs, Kiss the Girls and Hush. He has also boarded several award winning independent short films and even an opening segment for the 2000 Academy Awards.


Whitney Rowlett - producer

A microbiologist turned producer, Whitney has produced commercials, pilots, feature films, and internet series for major corporations including SyFy, Verizon, The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Machinima, and CBS. She was a member of the Academy Award winning art team on The Amazing Race, and wore several hats during production for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved, both recipients of an Emmy for Original Interactive Programming. She has produced Virtual Reality experiences for Kellogg’s, General Electric, Nokia, Jaunt Media, and Google Spotlight Stories. 


Collin Lee - marketing

Collin Lee is a marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of marketing and advertising, from traditional advertising to digital experiential marketing. His fluency in both English and Korean has allowed him to effectively work as a business liaison between Korean and American companies. His entrepreneurial passion has also led him to found an advertising agency, a marketing consulting firm and an entertainment company. He also speaks regularly at premier events such as Digital Hollywood on emerging media technologies. He possesses a rare combination of a scientifically trained mind, thanks to his aerospace engineering education, and a creative mind, shaped by his years in advertising — A real rocket-scientist-turned-marketer.


Paul Blakely - marketing

Paul Blakely is a business savvy creative marketer with leadership experience in CPG and SaaS companies. After working with food distribution for several years managing promotional sales and analyzing sales & business trends for the largest retail chain in America, he took his skills to uncharted territories in the digital world. Leading the marketing efforts for almost a decade at an innovative tech business, he drove all facets of B2B marketing from print advertising to digital ads, from email marketing to event marketing, and from product development to product marketing. He also developed business and marketing strategies for several tech startup businesses and established unique partnerships with tech giants such as Adobe. With an equal love for both numbers and creativity, he is a natural born marketer who offers insightful data-based solutions for strategic business decisions.